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Hello! Is everyone getting into the Christmas spirit? I know I am!

A good friend of mine may be getting a flash studio for Christmas; lucky him! And if he does...

Prepare for many videos with "yours truly" signed on the audio track files. (That's my nerdy way of saying I'll be making tehhh audio!!)

Have a great Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzah or whatever you celebrate this December! :)

Keep it real,

Bored?  You ain't seen nothin' yet boys.

Hello readers,

I'd like to let everyone know I'll be releasing at least one audio track before August is over; a few days ago I downloaded the FL Studio 8 Demo, and purchased the Express edition. I could not take the lack of features such as no piano roll in FL Studio 8 Express so as we speak the order for FL Studio 8 FruityLoops Edition is processing; Image-Line has to manually process every order they receive due to a high fluctuation of fraudulent purchases (a 65% fraud rate).

What type of music you ask will I be releasing? Well, thanks for asking! In real life, I'm more of a guitarist, a not so bad singer, and of course an all around composer. But this upcoming week or two will be my first ever attempt at a software produced track, most likely under the category of techno, possibly even trance.

Thanks for reading,

Moving Towards Game Programming

2008-08-19 02:13:31 by photray94

Good evening everyone!

For the last year I've taken a keen interest in computer programming. C, C++, Python, Java, and of course an assorted flavor of internet programming tools - JavaScript, XML, CSS. Initially I was interested in web programming - web applications - and desktop programming - desktop applications. But now, I see, not everyone can use a certain desktop application. Anyone can play a game, especially if it's fun.

Just my thoughts for the day I guess,

Frustration with Mac.

2008-08-09 20:54:21 by photray94

I'm writing this news/blog post from our PC, because my Mac+the internet right now ain't working. I tried troubleshooting my network on my Mac, didn't work. Network diagnostics - a feature integrated into Safari when it fails - essentially told me the test failed and I need to talk to my internet service provider. I don't really do any flash. It isn't my thing. (I enjoy viewing and/or playing flash (games)). I'm trying to get into audio, I'd like to make tracks for people to use in their flash - who knows if my music will be good enough.

After creeping around the audio BBS here on NG, I've realized finding any good audio software for Mac is going to be little to nothing compared to whats available for Windows. So please, does anyone know of a software synthesizer that is not only decent quality, low cost or free, and works on Mac?

Further developments on my adventures into my audio interests later.