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Frustration with Mac.

2008-08-09 20:54:21 by photray94

I'm writing this news/blog post from our PC, because my Mac+the internet right now ain't working. I tried troubleshooting my network on my Mac, didn't work. Network diagnostics - a feature integrated into Safari when it fails - essentially told me the test failed and I need to talk to my internet service provider. I don't really do any flash. It isn't my thing. (I enjoy viewing and/or playing flash (games)). I'm trying to get into audio, I'd like to make tracks for people to use in their flash - who knows if my music will be good enough.

After creeping around the audio BBS here on NG, I've realized finding any good audio software for Mac is going to be little to nothing compared to whats available for Windows. So please, does anyone know of a software synthesizer that is not only decent quality, low cost or free, and works on Mac?

Further developments on my adventures into my audio interests later.


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2008-08-09 20:55:22

frustration and Mac are synonymous


2008-08-14 15:18:20

Sup, lol.