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Incoming! FL Studio 8 FruityLoops Edition!

2008-08-19 02:19:59 by photray94

Hello readers,

I'd like to let everyone know I'll be releasing at least one audio track before August is over; a few days ago I downloaded the FL Studio 8 Demo, and purchased the Express edition. I could not take the lack of features such as no piano roll in FL Studio 8 Express so as we speak the order for FL Studio 8 FruityLoops Edition is processing; Image-Line has to manually process every order they receive due to a high fluctuation of fraudulent purchases (a 65% fraud rate).

What type of music you ask will I be releasing? Well, thanks for asking! In real life, I'm more of a guitarist, a not so bad singer, and of course an all around composer. But this upcoming week or two will be my first ever attempt at a software produced track, most likely under the category of techno, possibly even trance.

Thanks for reading,


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2008-08-20 08:26:29

Well good luck producing!
If you need any help feel free to ask in the forums!


2008-08-22 21:35:01

mine took like 3 weeks... enjoy!


2008-08-23 19:16:08

cool, good luck with your audio submission